Who qualifies for treatment at St. Luke's?

For over 100 years, St. Luke's has prided itself in providing free healthcare to the Clergy of the Anglican Communion, active and retired, stipendiary and non stipendiary, their spouses, widows/ widowers and any dependent children. We also care for members of recognised monastic and conventual orders, active and retired Deaconesses, active and retired overseas missionaries and Clergy as well as Theological students and those licensed by a Bishop.

Can every operation be performed at St. Luke's?

We carry out over 700 operations each year, but unfortunately their are a few catagories of patient that we are not equipped to handle. This includes those needing major orthopaedic, cardiac, vascular and neurosurgery. In these situations out Honorary Consultants will do all they can to have such patients admitted to their NHS hospitals where the special facilities and equipment are available.

Other patients who cannot be admitted to St. Luke's are;
- Infectious patients.
- Psychiatric patients.
- Children under the age of 18.
- Medical emergencies.

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