How to gain admission to St. Luke's

Your Consultant or General Practitioner would usually refer you to St. Luke's via a letter or electronic communication. This should be sent to our Medical Secretary and should indicate the specialist treatment that you require.

Our Medical Secretary will seek to make you an early appointment with the appropriate consultant. If your General Practitioner feels that you should be referred to a specific Consultant, we will do all we can to comply with their wishes. However, alternative arrangements may have to be made if that Consultant cannot see you promptly, or if the referral is innappropriate to your needs.

Your doctor should be aware that no charges will be made to the practise, the PCT or the NHS Trust for any consultation or work carried out at St. Luke's. All work that takes place is funded by charitable means and our Honorary Consultants provide their services to the Clergy at no cost.

St. Luke's Hospital
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