Guide for Overseas Visitors

If you are coming to St Luke’s from overseas and are a Clergy patient, the Hospital is able to help. All Clergy patients are welcome and we can provide a range of services from Consultations with our 220 Honorary Consultants, pre- and post-operative assessments, post-operative care through to surgical intervention.

St Luke’s works very closely with the National Health Service in providing support to Clergy patients. If you are not from The United Kingdom the support services the Hospital relies on are charged back to St Luke’s. This can cost several thousands of pounds and is a charge that the Hospital is not able to support. We always give an estimate of what the charges might be so that the overseas Clergy can plan accordingly.

If you are coming to St Luke’s from overseas as a private patient, again the Hospital looks forward to helping you. The Hospital will require confirmation that funds are available to cover the cost of treatment, this would be by an advance payment, credit card details or bankers draft made out to St Luke's Hospital for the Clergy.

If a non United Kingdom medical insurer covers you, you should check your policy prior to treatment. You will be required, initially, to pay your account personally and then claim this back from your insurer.

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