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The University Hernia Clinic provides a range of competitively priced, all-inclusive treatment packages.

Types of package and fees 2003/2004
(All types of hernia repair can be discussed for day case surgery)

Pre-operative investigations
Chest X-ray, ECG and routine blood tests, if required, are included in the above package prices. Very occasionally, more specialised investigations are necessary before the operation. These will be charged separately. The Consultant Surgeon will discuss these needs at the initial consultation.
Initial consultation
If, for whatever reason, it is decided not to proceed to operative repair, there will be a charge of £100 for the initial consultation.

If you do go ahead with the hernia repair, the initial consultation fee is included within the package price. For medical reasons, or for personal convenience, an additional overnight stay in the Clinic can be arranged. The cost of each additional night’s stay is £250.
Methods of payment
Payment through UK private health insurance cover

If you have UK private health insurance cover, arrangements can be made to forward the account directly for settlement. We advise that you check your policy with your insurance company first, to ensure that your level of cover is sufficient to meet the costs of your accommodation and treatment. You may be required to meet a cost difference.

Your insurance company will provide you with a claim form which must be completed and signed by your Consultant prior to admission.

On the day of your admission, please remember to bring with you:

Your completed claim form
Your health insurance registration documents
The direct settlement authority from the insurance company
If your medical insurance is provided by a non-UK-based organisation, you will be required to pay the full anticipated cost of treatment, on admission. However, this condition can be waived if you are able to present a recognised letter of guarantee.
Personal payment
If you are paying your own bill, The University Hernia Clinic accepts payment by cash, cheque and the following credit cards: Mastercard and Visa ONLY. You will be required to pay the full costs of your treatment package on admission.
Payment by sponsorship
If you have a sponsor, (i.e. one of the UK-based overseas embassies), we will require to see, prior to admission, a letter from your sponsor guaranteeing payment of your treatment charges. If you are unable to provide a satisfactory letter of guarantee, you will be required to settle the full costs of your treatment package, on admission.
If you have any queries about methods of payment or admission administration please call


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