St. Luke's has served the Anglican community from its home in Fitzroy Square for over 100 years. This period has seen huge advancements in technology, treatments, and standards of healthcare. These photos, several of which were originally on sale as official St. Luke's postcards, show the way things used to be. 

The operating theatre - state of the art at the time!
St. Luke's has always strived to keep up-to-date with the most modern medical techniques and equpiment. In order to continue to offer its patients the largest possible range of procedures, the Hospital is undergoing further redevelopment beginning in Autumn 2004.

   An example of how our wards used to look- despite appearances we're told that the beds were very comfy!
St. Luke's now provides spacious and private wards. Patients can request individual rooms and private bathrooms and are guaranteed round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated staff.

A well-decorated waiting room...
This room has been home to our Chief Executive's office for the past few years. Soon it will be converted into an extra consultation room for use by our Honourary Consultants.

   The St. Luke's chapel is much the same now as it was then.
Our chapel makes a fundamental contribution to the tranquil and peaceful environment at St. Luke's. Services take place both in the chapel and in the wards, and we are home to 'The St. Michael's Singers' who regularly rehearse and perform at the hospital.

St. Luke's Hospital
14 Fitzroy Square, London W11 6AU
Charity No: 209230