St. Luke's is run independently of the Anglican Church. This means that, as a charity, we must raise enough money to support ourselves through fundraising and generous donations.

Despite a generous annual contribution from the Church and income from Private patients, St. Luke's needs over 4000 per day to continue offering its unique and high quality service and for this we rely on charitable donations.

There are several different ways in which to donate money to the Hospital which are explained in this section. Any amount you can give to St. Luke's will be gratefully received and put to immediate and effective use.

   Archbishop Rowan Williams, president of St. Luke's

"For a hundred years, and a hundred thousand clergy and lay workers, St Luke's has been a lifeline. It allows patients to recover physically and spiritually in a restful, prayerful environment. Please give generously."


John Suchet, whose father was Chairman of the St. Luke's Medical Staff Committee

"One hundred and fifty consultants give their spare time to St. Luke's entirely free of charge. Will you make your contribution?"


While some charities spend up to 50% of their funds on administration, here at St. Luke's we can guarantee that 98% of our income goes directly into the special services and treatments that we offer. Every donation that we receive, large or small, directly benefits our patients.

St. Luke's Hospital
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Charity No: 209230