Our personal and confidential counselling service focuses on the effects that work, professional life and ministry of the Church of England can have on personal relationships.

What service do we offer?

We offer a high quality and confidential service to Clergy and Non Clergy that specialises in all marriage and couple relationships, and in particular those that are adversely affected by work and professional life.

As well as help for couples, we also offer psychiatiric counselling to eligible members of the Anglican Church.

Who are we?

St. Luke's counselling service is run by a group of highly trained therapists from a variety of psychoanalytic disciplines. We are all specially trained and experienced in couples work. There are equal numbers of men and women within the department, allowing each couple to work with a male and a female therapist con-jointly.

Under the direction of The Reverend Tom Leary FBC (Director) and Mrs. Gillian Walton (Clinical Supervisor).

For more information on any of our counselling services then please contact us by telephone on or by email at .