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What is liposculpture?
Liposculpture is a highly specialised procedure which reshapes the body by the immediate removal of stubborn fat from problem areas. Benefits are permanent, for once fat cells are removed, they cannot return. In effect, liposculpture is equivalent to being able to focus the effects of dieting on specific areas of the body.

Fat removal by liposculpture is one of the most exciting and effective treatments of modern cosmetic surgery. It is an excellent technique which produces very favourable results and can be judiciously employed with other techniques to enhance their effects.

Who is it for?
Women and men who, even though they have dieted and exercised, find that some parts of their body will simply not reduce in size and shape. Particular areas that usually respond well to the procedure are the hips, thighs, abdomen, buttocks, knees and ankles. The male problem of "feminine looking breasts" can also be corrected and the technique is extremely effective in removing a "double chin".

The best candidates for treatment are in good health and have realistic expectations of liposculpture. There is no definite age limit, nor weight limit for patients who are "good candidates" for liposculpture. Most of our patients have localised accumulations of fat, however, an overweight person whose weight has been stable for many years and has certain problem areas of fatty deposits, may be excellent candidates for liposculpture.

Liposculpture - is it liposuction?
"Liposculpture" is a variation on the results obtained with liposuction. There is little real difference between liposuction and liposculpture. They are both the surgical removal of fat using suction. The main difference is that with liposculpture, the surgeon actually uses a cannula to reshape the area being reduced, Much as a sculptor would. This is effective in creating natural looking body contours, as opposed to simply removing fat.

All surgeons who perform liposuction to a very high standard incorporating some degree of liposculpting into the procedure as a matter of course in order to get the best aesthetic result possible.

What happens?
A small cannula (from the Latin word for reed, tube, cane) or syringe is introduced into the area to be treated and the excess fat removed by suction.

Is there any discomfort?
There will be some post-operative discomfort and bruising. Medication will be prescribed for this if required.

How long does it take?
The procedure time varies depending on the areas to be treated. For the hips and thighs the procedure takes approximately one hour. You are normally free to return home on the day after treatment, returning approximately one week later for your first post-operative appointment.

Where is the scar?
Because the incisions are so small ( inch/5mm) and normally hidden within a skin fold, scars are virtually undetectable. Prior to the development of the liposuction/liposculpture techniques the surgical removal of fat resulted in large and unsightly scars.

Is the fat removal permanent?
Yes, when fat cells are removed they cannot return. However, you can still gain weight and fatty bulges in other areas if you eat unwisely!

Will I lose weight?
The cosmetic success of liposculpture relies on removing inches rather than pounds. For example, removing an amount of fat equivalent to a half a pound of butter from each outer thigh of a woman's saddlebag area or from a man's love handle area would result in a dramatic change in silhouette, but would not significantly change the persons weight.

What will I look like immediately? When will I look good?
The area treated will be covered by a snug elastic dressing, girdle or body stocking. This will be removed one week after surgery by which time the area will be reduced in size although some bruising and swelling will still be evident. You will need to wear the garment during the day for a further three weeks, if possible. The bruising will normally disappear within two weeks.

How is the skin affected?
The degree of skin change after liposculpture is the same as one would expect if it were possible to lose an equal amount of fat in these localised areas simply by dieting. Because the cannulas/syringe simply makes tunnels through the fat, there remains multiple connections between the skin and the underlying tissue. These fibrous connections contract with the healing process and maintain the skin in its natural position.

After liposculpture one does not have to worry about excessive folds of skin in the areas treated. This effect is so dramatic that many patients who previously would have required surgical excision of skin called a tummy tuck, can now have excellent results simply by having liposculpture.

Can I drive myself home?
No. Because of the medications used during surgery you cannot drive for 24 hours. We have a number of patients who travel from out-of-town and from abroad for treatment. Upon your request we will be happy to send you information about special arrangements for our out-of-town patients.

When can I return to normal activities?
There is no limitations to physical activity other than what common sense would dictate. Some are able to return to jogging and light aerobic exercise within a day or two after surgery. Some patients do find the soreness after surgery more significant than others, but on average most are quite surprised at how quickly they are able to return to normal activities.

How much will it cost?
Your best investment is an individual consultation with a surgeon you trust. Cosmetic Surgery is usually a life-time investment. Our patients are treated as individuals, and costs do vary from person to person depending on their individual needs. However, the total cost of your procedure will be quoted at the consultation, fully inclusive with no hidden extras.

Should I have liposuction/liposculpture?
Only you can answer that question. Be sure you are doing it for the right reasons: your own sense of self confidence and self esteem. No matter what anyone else thinks, if you are happy with your appearance there is no reason to have it changed. So before making that decision, attend a consultation, get the facts. Be realistic in your expectations and make an educated decision that is right for you.