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St. Luke's Couple Counselling

Focusing on the effect of work and professional life and ministry of the Church of England on the personal relationship

What Service do we offer?

This unique couple Counselling service, for Clergy and Non-Clergy, specialises in all marriage and couple relationships and in particular those where the demands of work and professional life affect the personal relationship.

We offer a high quality and confidential service for those couples whose public and private lives come into conflict and produce tensions.

As well as couple counselling, the hospital offers valuable psychiatric counselling to eligible individuals in the Anglican Church.

Who are we?

A group of highly trained therapists from a variety of psychoanalytic disciplines specially trained and experienced in couples work. There are equal numbers of men and women offering the opportunity for you to work with a female and male therapist con-jointly.

If you think we can help please ring during normal working hours.






Under the direction of:

The Reverend Tom Leary FBC

Clinical Supervisor:
Mrs. Gillian Walton

St. Luke's Couple Counselling

14 Fitzroy Square, London W1T 6AH

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