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The Never-ending story

It is a delight to be part of this Hospital. Founded over 105 years ago it continues to evolve. But what does not change is our constant struggle to raise necessary funds. We cannot relax for a moment, otherwise our expenses would run away and our meager reserves disappear completely. If only more parishes would give us a place in their own hard pressed budgets we might, at least, be able to cut down the number of mailings we send.

Until that happy day arrives we shall have to continue to bother you, and them, with our appeals-but at least that gives us the opportunity to keep in touch!

Hospital News

Sara Leister has joined us as receptionist. We are so pleased to welcome her to St. Luke's


We are pleased to treat those eligible for free treatment at St. Luke's. However, not all operations can be carried out at St. Luke's and for these we rely upon NHS Hospitals of our Honorary Consultants. These operations include joint replacement surgery, heart, liver, brain and other serious operations. Sometimes there inevitable delays in these areas of surgery that are not of our making.

Annual General Meeting

The AGM took place on 16th May at the Venezualen Embassy in Grafton Way, just round the corner from the hospital. The speaker was the Rt Revd Michael Ball who is a member of the Council and a past patient.



St. Luke's Affinity Card

In conjunction with the Bank of Scotland the launch of our new credit card has been most successful. Already as those who have joined use them, the cards are generating regular income. In addition each  new joiner brings £2.50 into our coffers. If you would like to know more  click on Affinity above.

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