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Your Legacy for St. Luke's

To make sure your wishes are met, it is important to make a will

How to bequeath your legacy of healing

You may wish to consult your solicitor about the two main forms of legacy:

1. Pecuniary - a specific cash amount which you state in your will.

2. Residuary - the residue of your estate (or a share of it) after all your other bequests have been met and inheritance tax and expenses are paid.

Suitable wording would be:

" I give and bequeath to St. Luke's Hospital for the Clergy (Registered ) *

*...all the residue of my estate

* half/third etc share of the residue of my estate

*...the sum of £........

and I declare that the receipt of the General Secretary or other authorised officer for the time being of the Charity shall be sufficient discharge to my executors"

Ask our Legacy Officer to advise you

if you need advice on legacy giving please contact Mrs Elizabeth Samuel, our Legacy Officer on

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